2017 News


2016 News 

Endoscopic carpal tunnel release: two of our hand surgeons (Patrick Gillespie and Ian Grant) now offer endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery. Conventional surgery produces a scar at the base of the palm. This scar can become tender and uncomfortable.

Endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery avoids this scar: the carpal ligament is divided through a short transverse incision across the wrist.



We are pleased to welcome Mr Richard Miller and Mr Michael Power to our team here at Cambridge Medical Consultants, to work alongside Mr Nigel Hall and Mr Justin Davis.

2015 News 

Mr Ian Grant is now trained to use allogenic nerve grafts (the Avance® nerve graft), nerve repair sleaves (the Axoguard® nerve connector) and nerve wraps (the AxoGuard® nerve protector).

In October 2015 Mr Ian Grant (Consultant in Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery) attended the "Advances and Best Practices in Upper Extremity Nerve Repair Course" in Chicago.

This was an invited practical course, attended by the world's leading experts on nerve surgery, exploring the most up-to-date techniques to deal with nerve injuries, nerve compression, neuromas, or patients with lingering problems (including pain) after previous surgery.

2014 News 

Consultant Plastic and Hand Surgeon Mr Patrick Gillespie joins CMC

Cambridge Medical Consultants are pleased to announce Mr Patrick Gillespie, Consultant Plastic and Hand Surgeon has joined our leading team of specialist surgical consultants operating out of the Cambridge area. For further details visit Mr Gillespie's personal page here.

2013 News

Cambridge Haemorrhoid Centre opens at the Lea Hospital

At the Cambridge Haemorrhoid Centre we look after patients who have the often painful, embarrassing and uncomfortable condition of haemorrhoids (piles), and offer a full range of treatments. These include the latest and most sought-after minimally invasive procedure, known as THD/HALO. Our fully integrated private service treats patients with haemorrhoids from all over the UK and abroad.

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon Mr Justin Davies understands the associated anxiety of this condition and plans the tailored treatment around each individual patient.

For further  information visit the Cambridge Haemorrhoid Centre webpage here


CMC Surgeon provides exciting developments in cruciate ligament reconstruction

New anatomic studies have highlighted the possible importance of a capsular restraint (rather like a 'ligament') which exists in the knee and which may contribute to the stability of the knee joint in the presence of anterior cruciate ligament rupture. Click Here for the full story.

Xiapex - A new injection treatment for Dupuytren's Disease

Mr Ian Grant, Consultant Hand Surgeon, has been treating private patients, suffering with Dupuytren's Disease, using Xiapex. Patients have returned to normal activities such as driving within a few days, compared to weeks (as often seen after conventional surgery.)

Patient Case Study video - Contracture of right ring finger


Metal-on-metal hip replacements

Graham Keene has released an interesting article on the subject of metal-on-metal hip replacements - download and read the article from here.

Up and running

Fred Robinson has now opened his new Foot & Ankle Suite at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital. 

The centre undertakes a full range of orthopaedic foot and ankle surgery as well as a minimally invasive forefoot service.

Fred treats all aspects of foot and ankle symptoms (bunions, heel pain, Achilles tendon injuries etc) and carries out surgery for sporting injuries, both arthroscopic and open, as well as ankle replacements for ankle arthritis. 

Fred has recently completed his year as President of the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgical Society and over the years has built a national and international reputation for his foot and ankle surgical care. 

He has published three chapters in various Oxford textbooks in medicine and over 30 articles referenced on PubMed.

To find out more, please call us on 01223 518989 or visit Fred's website:

Mechanochemical ablation (CLARIVEIN) for the Treatment of Varicose Veins
Kevin Varty, Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon, is now offering Clarivein, a procedure to treat varicose veins.
The underlying fault with varicose veins is loss of function in the valves in the veins. These one way valves normally direct the flow of blood up the leg and into the deeper central veins.
When they fail, the surface veins are put under pressure and varicose "bulging" veins result overtime.
The vein containing these valves cannot be repaired. A number of treatments are now used to achieve this. Thermal (heat) procedures such as EVLA and VNUS closure destroy the veins by a type of cautery. Foam sclerotherapy aims to damage the vein chemically and cause it to occlude. Clarivein uses a combination of some physical disturbance and chemical injection to occlude the vein.
To find out more, please call and speak to Kevin Varty's PA, Jackie, on 01223 519911 or visit Kevin's website:

Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements 
Graham Keene has taken a cautious approach on the use of metal-on-metal hip bearings over the past decade, being very much aware of the current concerns about painful metal-on-metal hip replacements and resurfacings, which may require special investigation and assessment. 
If you have any concerns, are worried about pain from your hip replacement, or have other concerns about replacement/resurfacing, please contact us when we can make a prompt appointment for you to see Graham Keene.
Please call and speak to Graham Keene's PA, Jane, on 01223 517808

PIP Implants (cosmetic breast implants) 
We know that the recent media coverage may have worried patients who have had breast implants. The specific implants that there are concerns about were made by a French company called PIP (Poly Implant Prosthese).  For patients who have had cosmetic breast surgery in the past or are looking to have cosmetic breast augmentation surgery with Mr Ian Grant, we can happily advise you that he has never used the contravesial PIP implants in any of his patients, and continues to use high standard quality controlled implants for all his patients. 
Ian Grant would be happy to see any patients who are concerned about their breast implants and is offering a removal and replace service at a competive price.
For more information, please call Wendy on 01223 550881

2011 News

The Modern Management of Haemorrhoids

Justin Davies, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, is now offering a new minimally invasive treatment for symptomatic haemorrhoids called haemorrhoidal artery ligation (HAL), otherwise known as transanal haemorrhoidal dearterialisation (THD). HAL/THD is performed as a day case under a light anaesthetic or sedation. It is usually reserved for patients who have not responded to outpatient treatments, such as rubber band ligation. An ultrasound probe allows accurate identification of the blood supply which is feeding the haemorrhoids, and a suture is used to tie off the feeding vessel. This occurs above the region of pain sensation in the anal canal, so is associated with minimal post-operative discomfort. In addition, for the patients with symptoms of prolapsing or protruding piles a further suture is used to stitch this tissue back up inside. The alternative operative procedures for haemorrhoids are open excisional haemorrhoidectomy or a stapled haemorrhoidectomy. These can be more painful than HAL/THD and may carry more risk of scarring, bleeding, impairment of continence and other serious complications.

Please refer your patients to Mr Davies by either faxing over a referral to Cambridge Medical Consultants on 01223 847436 or by telephoning his secretary on 01223 516600.

See and Treat Clinics

Mr Ian Grant who specialises in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is now offering patients with cosmetic moles/skin tags a 'See and Treat' appointment.

The cost of this service is £450 for up to 3 moles/skin tags (not including histology)
For patient enquires, or if you have any patients that would be suitable for this service, please contact Mr Grant's secretary on 01223 550881, or you can simply send over a referral letter to Cambridge Medical Consultants on our fax line, 01223 847436, although a referral letter is not essential for this service.